Workshop 60 min

Bringing international youth work to everyone in North Rhine-Westphalia

Wednesday, 29.03.2017 • 16:00 h • aktuelles forum e.v.

aktuelles forum (af), a civic education organisation, has been offering seminars on European issues for 15 years. In addition, it runs a number of large-scale projects at the European level working in partnership with youth vocational assistance organisations. This has given af extensive experience in combining cross-border mobility with social learning, craftsmanship training and civic education. These projects have undergone scientific evaluation and are evidence that international youth work (IYA) has positive impacts on young people as they transition from school to working life. IYA is an opportunity for young people to learn about and embrace cultures and lifestyles, an experience that leads to greater tolerance, understanding and openness. These projects seek to provide young people with limited educational opportunities with greater access to IYA than they may have had before. To this end, non-existent structures are to be developed and existing structures improved to benefit disadvantaged target groups.
The outcomes of af's projects led to the establishment in January 2016 of a service unit for international youth work, which serves as a source of advice, support and empowerment on all matters relating to IYA.


  • Karolina Hajjar, Maria Lambridou sowie Verena Reichmann (aktuelles forum e.V.).