Workshop 60 min

Creating fresh perspectives for young people by strengthening international youth work at the local level

Wednesday, 29.03.2017 • 14:30 h • IJAB - Fachstelle für Internationale Jugendarbeit der BRD e.V.

One of the core tasks of local authorities is to open up future perspectives for young people. In this regard, cross-border mobility offers special potential for youngsters to develop their personalities and acquire key skills. The wealth of experience that an international youth exchange gives them can make an enormous difference to the lives of young people, especially those from less advantaged backgrounds.
With its two projects Kommune goes International and Internationale Jugendarbeit in Plan, which receive support from the German Federal Youth Ministry, IJAB has been able to kick off vital strategic processes at the local level in partnership with organisations on the ground to strengthen international youth work at this level.
This workshop looks at the structure of a local, cross-sectoral network of public and independent organisations as well as at the political and structural backdrop for international youth work in a municipality. Representatives from two local authorities will report on their experiences and join participants in discussing the following points:
• What benefits can international youth work bring to the local level?
• How can international youth work as a field of activity be institutionalised at the local level?
• Why are local networks necessary?


  • Sabine Wißdorf, IN/S/O
  • Petra Schmid, Stadt Essen

Moderation: Anneke Schlummer, Bettina Wissing, IJAB e.V.