Projectpresentation 60 min.

Enabling European mobility for apprentices from the word go! – Preparing and supporting young EU citizens before and during their apprenticeship in Germany

Wednesday, 29.03.2017 • 17:30 h • IN VIA - Köln e.V.; vij Bundesverein - Verein für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Youth unemployment in the southern EU is high, whereas Germany urgently requires skilled workers. The German companies that take part in the national apprenticeship scheme are particularly interested in training young, well-educated EU citizens, so an increasing number of young people from across the European Union have been travelling to Germany to begin an apprenticeship here. However, experience has shown that many of them drop out of the scheme prematurely – it appears that they are not being sufficiently prepared prior to departure and also lack support when they arrive. Transnational support structures need to be put in place. In this session, four case studies will be presented to demonstrate how this can work:
1. Preparation of and support for apprentices to the hotel and restaurant trade and the metalworking industry (Spain/German)
2. Promotion of vocational mobility among young trainee nurses (Greece/Germany)
3. The Europe au pair scheme – a tried and tested mobility programme
4. Developing standards for assisting young EU migrants before and during their apprenticeship in another EU Member State. A strategic partnership project under Erasmus+ (Spain, Italy, Germany)


  • Claudia Deppe, IN VIA Köln e.V.
  • Esther Peylo, Verein für internationale Jugendarbeit

Moderation: Alexander Hauser, Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Katholische Jugendsozialarbeit