Expert forum 120 min

EU Youth Strategy & Erasmus+: Prospects and expectations for 2018/2020 from the perspective of youth organisations

Wednesday, 29.03.2017 • 11:30 h • German Federal Youth Council

The expert forum takes a look at experiences gained with the EU Youth Strategy both in various member states and at a European level from the perspective of youth organisations. Youth organisations were involved in a number of ways in developing and implementing elements of the strategy, a process that was not without its share of conflict and disappointment. Youth unemployment, difficulties in accessing educational opportunities and inadequate financial solidarity will remain challenges up to 2018 and beyond.
A key deficit is the lack of participation opportunities at a European level. The Structured Dialogue alone, the Youth Strategy's instrument for youth participation, is not enough to trigger young people's interest in European integration.
This session will also be an opportunity to cast a critical eye over the ties between the Erasmus+ Youth in Action education programme and the youth policy elements of the EU's economic and growth strategy (Europe 2020).
The findings will help the work of the European Youth Forum and its member organisations.
The expert forum will be held in English.


  • Lisi Maier, Deutscher Bundesjugendring (DBJR)
  • Kasia Siemasz, Polnischer Jugendring (PROM)
  • Magdalena Schwarz,Bundes Jugend Vertretung Österreich (BJV)
  • Petra Kammerevert, Europäisches Parlament (EP)
  • Andrea Casamenti, Europäisches Jugendforum (YFJ)                         
  • Moderation: Lea Sedlmayr, Bayerischer Jugendring (BJR)