Expert forum 120 min

Europa 360° - Youth participation needs a variety of perspectives

Wednesday, 29.03.2017 • 11:30 h • Landesvereinigung kulturelle Kinder- und Jugendbildung Sachsen-Anhalt e.V., Deutscher Bundesjugendring e.V.

This expert forum focuses on youth participation in Germany and across the European Union. How do adolescents and young adults, independent and public-sector child and youth welfare providers and policymakers experience young people's participation in politics from the local all the way to the EU level? What is necessary for real shared engagement and for involving young people in political decision-making – locally, regionally, nationally or even at EU level?

During this session, our guests from Germany and other EU countries will report on their experiences and discuss various examples of Structured Dialogue activities that encourage young people to take an active role in the context of the EU Youth Strategy. They will show how European perspectives can inform local and state-level politics and how, in turn, young people's ideas can inform European youth policy.

Your opinions on this matter are valuable input for this expert forum. What are your experiences? What can the child and youth welfare community do to encourage young people to become politically active? What would you like to try out? Join us to discuss these and other issues with us and our guests!


  • Tobias Köck, DBJR e.V.
  • Georg Feiner, Bundesjugendvertetung Österreich,
  • Carina Autengruber, Europäisches Jugendforu
  • Ms. Olive McGovern, Department of Children and Youth Affairs, Ireland
  • N.N. Jugendministerium Niederlande


Daniel Adler, LKJ Sachsen-Anhalt e.V.