Workshop 120 min

How to show the impact of international youth projects

Wednesday, 29.03.2017 • 09:00 h • SALTO Inclusion Resource Centre

Come and discover three impact analyses of mobility projects. And ask our experts your burning questions about impact harvesting. Because if you are doing good youth work, you want to be able to show it off, right?

1 - VSO International ( sends volunteers to development projects across the world. Such an experience doesn't leave the volunteers indifferent, and it also has an impact on the local communities. VSO shows the evidence.
2 - The RAY project ( collected and analysed a large amount of data from participants in European projects. The figures show the impact of these projects. But more importantly, disadvantaged young people are shown to benefit more than "mainstream" participants.
3 - That's great, but why don't disadvantaged young people take part in international youth projects more often? The French Youth Observatory ( has tried to find some answers, and it seems that intermediaries have a crucial role. Their study tells us why.

Next, we will open the floor for your questions on impact assessment. Together with the researchers, we will explore how to provide evidence-based answers.


  • Jake Willis, VSO International
  • Francine Labadie, Observatory for Youth and Youth Policy, INJEP
  • Frank Stevens, Howest


  • Moderation: Tony Geudens, SALTO Inclusion Resource Centre