Projectpresentation 60 min.

InterCity Youth – European cooperation between municipalities on youth work and youth policy

Wednesday, 29.03.2017 • 16:00 h • InterCity Youth – European Network of Local Departments for Youth Work

In 2014 InterCity Youth – the European Network of Local Departments for Youth Work – was founded. The idea was to bring municipalities in Europe together and offer them a platform for a dialogue and mutual learning on the topic of youth work. The network serves to enhance the quality of youth work in the participating municipalities, but also to promote youth work at the the political and institutional level in Europe.
The core objectives are to

• enhance peer learning between local youth work departments,
• promote the development and exchange of tools for enhancing and improving the visibility of quality youth work and to promote youth work as an arena for non-formal learning,
• contribute to European youth policies, transmit knowledge and insight from local government experiments, and contribute solutions to European policy agendas.

This presentation will cover the network's aims and objectives, its concrete work and its first projects. There will be an opportunity to discuss the benefits of European cooperation in the youth field between municipalities and to explore further potential for cooperation.


  • Hans Migchielsen – City of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Holland
  • Jonas Agdur  - KEKS, Schweden