Projectpresentation 60 min.

Level up! - Quality development in youth work through skills recognition

Wednesday, 29.03.2017 • 17:30 h • Agency for International Programs for Youth (Latvia); Archimedes Foundation Youth Agency (Estonia), SALTO Training and Cooperation Resource Centre in close cooperation with the European Commission

Between September 2014 and March 2016, with support from Erasmus+ Youth in Action and various stakeholders in Estonia and Latvia, a pilot programme was implemented to translate the experiences made with the Youthpass scheme at the European level to the national youth work level. Under this programme, youth work experts in both countries worked and conducted research on quality development in youth work. Their national and international training sessions, mentoring schemes, hands-on projects and accompanying research project had various objectives:
·       To develop the skills of youth workers by improving their understanding of their role as learning guides
·       To create an enabling environment for young people to learn in non-formal educational settings beyond the Erasmus+ Youth in Action programme
·       To explore and experiment with self-reflection and analysis methods in line with the Youthpass approach
• To adapt the Youthpass approach to the national youth work contexts in Estonia and Latvia
This presentation will cover the project, its structure and timeline, and the results of the accompanying research.


  • Rita Bergstein, SALTO centre für Training und Kooperation