Projectpresentation 60 min.

New opportunities and access to training and employment for disadvantaged young people through cross-border learning

Wednesday, 29.03.2017 • 14:30 h • IKAB-Bildungswerk; Jobcenter Mayen-Koblenz

MYKmobil is a successful example of an initiative, launched by a job centre, that brings together a non-formal civic education provider, an implementing organisation for labour market policy, a job centre and partner companies to run a transnational mobility project for unemployed and disadvantaged young people and adults. The project specifically aims to motivate participants to mobilise their own resources, apply cross-border learning on a mental level and to develop confidence – in other words, to empower themselves to live an independent life without exclusion. The young unemployment benefit recipients are accompanied as they travel to France to study and work, which gives them the opportunity to develop their language, intercultural and social skills. This presentation outlines the labour market relevance of the project; also, the participating stakeholders will report on their experience with it.
MYKmobil is part of the priority area "Integration through Exchange" of the German Federal Government's ESF Integration Directive and receives funding from the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the European Social Fund.


  • Annette Mütter, IKAB-Bildungswerk e.V.
  • Lucie Engel, IKAB-Bildungswerk e.V.
  • Sandra Reith, Jobcenter Landkreis Mayen-Koblenz
  • Petra Rosay, Fondation INFA