Expert forum 120 min

New youth policies: A comparative analysis of European youth strategies

Wednesday, 29.03.2017 • 09:00 h • Koordinierungsstelle „Handeln für eine jugendgerechte Gesellschaft“

In recent years a number of European countries have begun to rethink their youth policies. In the course of this reorientation various youth strategies were launched, inspired not least by European cooperation in the youth field and the existence of the EU Youth Strategy. But what characterises these national youth strategies? Which challenges have shaped them and what are their driving forces? How did they come about, and who provided input? Are they designed to fulfil common objectives? And do they have a European dimension?
At this expert forum, existing youth policy strategies from across Europe will be presented along with their core objectives and elements. This will be followed by a discussion of these strategies with youth policy representatives and young people from the countries in question. What opportunities have arisen? And what are the potential stumbling blocks? This forum is a chance for participants to widen their horizons beyond national issues and debates, and to learn from each other.


  • Jana Schröder, Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend (DE)
  • Robert Lender, Bundesministerium für Familien und Jugend (AT)
  • Olive McGovern, Department of Children and Youth Affairs (IE)
  • Michaela Přilepková, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (CZ)

Moderation: Gisele Evrard