Expert forum 120 min

Opening event of the European expert programme at the 16th DJHT - "Creating a social and fair Europe for all young people"

Tuesday, 28.03.2017 • 14:30 h • JUGEND für Europa

A social and fair Europe for young people – what is that exactly? On the one hand, for young people Europe is a place of opportunity – they can travel, study and work abroad and strike up friendships with other Europeans. For many young people, the horizon does not end at their own national borders. On the other hand, almost 30 per cent of young Europeans aged 15 to 29, some 26 million of them, are threatened by poverty and social exclusion. Their chances of growing up to make a full success of their lives have recently been declining dramatically.
During the opening event of the European expert programme at the DJHT, excerpts will be shown of a film by young Danish directors that spotlights the situation of young Europeans.


  • Peter Laugesen und Elena Askløf, Vores Europe (DK),
  • Pilar Velasco Acedo, Journalistin und Autorin (ES),
  • Hans-Georg Wicke (JfE), Mike Corsa, stellvertr. Vorsitzender AGJ

Moderation: Andreas Korn, ARTE