Workshop 120 min

Our life – Our voice

Wednesday, 29.03.2017 • 11:30 h • YES Forum und The Children’s Society, Musikcafé After Eight r.f., Cooperativa Zefiro; Internationaler Bund e.V.; Fundatia Ruhama

Children and young people are the biggest victims of the economic crisis in Europe. The number of young people at risk of poverty or social exclusion across Europe is on the rise. There is a huge stigma attached to being poor, and it has a grave impact on access to education, training and employment, as well as on participation in society. Under a two-year EU project called "Our life. Our voice. Young people and poverty", partners from five European countries (Germany, Finland, Italy, Romania and the UK) give young people in particular the opportunity to tell their side of the story. These young people work together with experts to focus on the causes and manifestations of youth poverty and its effect on the environments in which they grow up. They also put forward their recommendations on what support from society could look like.

At the workshop, the young participants Luke Sharp, Fatma Matar, Maria Pacini, Ahmad Athar and Alexandra Daragiu will present their findings using the interactive approaches taken by the youngsters during the project. The experts will talk about the project work from their perspective, give recommendations in a social and political context, and engage in a discussion with the workshop participants.


  • Angharad Lewis, Suraya Skelland, Edward Rudolf House, UK
  • Ioana Mădălina Gîrba, Adrian Ciucur, Fundatia Ruhama, Rumania, Maria Pacini, Bruno Nicole Cooperativa Zefiro, Italy
  • Fatma Matar, Musikcafé After Eight, Finland
  • Annett Wiedermann, YES Forum, Stuttgart

Moderation: Annett Wiedermann