Workshop 120 min

Paving the way for more social and political participation of young migrants in Europe

Tuesday, 28.03.2017 • 17:00 h • SALTO Youth Participation Resource Center; International Organisation for Migrants; ECOS - Cooperativa de Educação, Cooperação e Desenvolvimento; Universidad Europea de Madrid

Is the greater involvement of migrants and refugees a priority for your (future) work? Do you believe we need new ways to increase the participation of young migrants and refugees in decision-making? If so, then this workshop is the one for you!
In this workshop, we will discuss the current state of play as identified in recent European research and field projects that seek to empower young migrants to become politically active at the local, national and EU levels. In this context, we do not take "political participation" to mean only voting, standing for election or joining a political party. Political participation can take many forms, such as contributing to educational environments, social enterprises, cultural projects, youth organisations, or daily life in a community.
This input will inspire and inform the discussions in the workshop. The participants, which will include young migrant activists, youth leaders representing refugees and young asylum-seekers' organisations, researchers, youth workers and institutional representatives, will tackle the challenges that exist and draw up concrete proposals that seek to strengthen the political participation of young migrants in Europe.


  • Daniel Briggs: Researcher, Universidad Europea de Madrid, Spain
  • Abraham Nida, MIGRAFRICA, Germany

Moderation: Bruno Antonio, CRL & DYPALL Network, Portugal, Stéphanie Nowakowski, SALTO Youth Participation RC, Belgium