Expert forum 120 min

Resisting the trend – European and international youth work as a backbone for social cohesion in Europe

Tuesday, 28.03.2017 • 17:00 h • DFJW; DPJW; Tandem; IJAB; ConAct; Foundation DRJA

Europe is in danger. Europe is deeply divided in its response to global challenges. National interests are taking precedence over solidarity and a willingness to compromise. Borders are being closed. In many countries, Europhobe forces are gaining ground, eroding the European ideal. An appeal by renowned practitioners and researchers in the field of international and civic education states that "international youth work activities, especially international exchanges, volunteering schemes and exchange programmes (...) are vital civil society instruments of European and international understanding". But how can European and international youth work rise to this expectation? How can it stand its ground in the face of an apparent social trend that relegates European ideals such as freedom of thought and expression, respect for one's fellow humans and the fight against discrimination to the sidelines?
This expert forum explores these issues and highlights the crucial significance of European and international youth work in creating social cohesion across Europe.


  • Jürgen Hein, Abteilungsleiter Abteilung IV: Europa, Internationale Angelegenheiten und Medien
  • Abdelhafid Catruat, Migrations- und Integrationsexperte, 
  • Yörük Kurtaran,Youth Studies Unit, Bilgi University

Moderation: Mirjam Gehrke, Deutsche Welle