Workshop 60 min

Strategic Partnership Overhope: Strategies for the Social Integration of Young Homeless People – Recommendations

Wednesday, 29.03.2017 • 14:30 h • Jugendbildung Hamburg; Associazione Futuro Digitale , Asociatia Young Initiative; Toplumsal Kültür ve Gelişim Derneği (TOGEL)

This workshop discusses the results of a strategic partnership under the Youth in Action section of the European Union's Erasmus+ programme. It is known as OVERHOPE, a contraction of the project's full title (OVERcome HOmelessness of Young PEople).

Under this strategic partnership, youth social work organisations from six European countries are tackling the problem of homelessness of young adults. The lack of shelter or housing is a serious obstacle to these young people's personal and professional development. Without a living space of their own, the young adults are barred from gaining a vocational qualification, completing a course of training and taking up employment. Housing is hence a crucial prerequisite for living an independent life.


  • Razvan Sassu, Asociatia Young Initiative, Romania
  • Dr. Antonio Rossi, Associazione Promotione “Futuro Digitale”, Italy
  • Sonya Labidi, Jugendbildung Hamburg gGmbH

Moderation: Dr. Jörg Hutter, Jugendbildung Hamburg gGmbH