Expert forum 120 min

Under One Umbrella - Interim evaluation and future perspectives of the EU programme Erasmus+ Youth in Action

Wednesday, 29.03.2017 • 14:30 h • JUGEND für Europa

The EU programme Erasmus+ Youth in Action was launched in January 2014. Over three years later, it is time to take stock, but also to examine the programme’s perspectives. In the period 2016/17 the practical experience made with the programme so far will be subject to an interim evaluation. In 2017, the European Commission and the participating countries are to submit evaluation reports covering this three-year period. These will form the basis for an initial discussion of the new programme generation post-2020, with the Commission putting forward a concrete proposal in 2018. Negotiations for the new programme generation will then begin in 2019.
The expert forum is designed to contribute to this process and will direct the spotlight at the experiences the youth work community has made so far with the new Erasmus+ programme. A variety of stakeholders – practitioners and policymakers alike – will share their views of the programme’s practical implications and their expectations for the new programme generation after 2020. A panel discussion will focus on the perspectives of the Youth in Action part of the programme post-2020 and its required structure, providing valuable food for thought for all stakeholders.


  • Doris Klingenhagen, Nationaler Beirat Erasmus+ JUGEND IN AKTION
  • Mr Andrea Casamenti, Vorstand Europäisches Jugendforum
  • Robert France, Europäische Kommission
  • Directorate General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, EU Kommission
  • Koen Lambert, JINT
  • Hans-Georg Wicke, JUGEND für Europa
  • Bettina Bundszus-Cecere, Abteilungsleitung  Kinder und Jugend, BMFSFJ
  • Petra Kammerevert, MdEP, Vorsitzende des Ausschusses für Kultur und Bildung (CULT)

Moderation: Dr. Helle Becker