Guided Tours

The guided tours are visits to stands of German organisations and projects. With a special focus on certain topics you will have the opportunity to get to know German organisations and to discuss the different aspects of child and youth welfare.

Tuesday, 28 March,  5 to 7 pm

GUIDED TOUR I: Youth policy

Germany’s youth strategy: “Handeln für eine jugendgerechte Gesellschaft”
Presentation of the individual measures and the overall concept behind Germany’s current youth strategy (“Acting for a child- and youth-friendly society”).

Youth strategy coordination office / C 17


The JiVE youth policy initiative
JiVE. Youth Work International - Experiencing Diversity is a youth policy initiative under which several partners are working to open up international youth work projects to all young people and create a more level playing field for all.

IJAB - International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany / D 40

GUIDED TOUR II: Digital approaches in child and youth welfare

Flex school for distance learning
The Flex school offers distance learning programmes in various fields, notably languages, but also for young people for whom completing mainstream secondary school is a challenge.

Flex-Fernschule / Christophorus Jugendwerk / C 69


Stadtgrenzenlos, a digital media project
Stadtgrenzenlos offers young refugees an opportunity to become involved in society.

Evangelische Jugendhilfe Godesheim / E 103


Wednesday, 29 March,  9 to 11 am

GUIDED TOUR III: Participation and social inclusion through sports and outdoor education


The BasKIDball project combines sports and educational youth work to help socially disadvantaged children and young people to integrate.

iSo-innovative Sozialarbeit / B 96


Bsj Marburg e.V.

Bsj Marburg presents its diverse activities in the field of Outdoor Adventure Education and focuses on a successful transnational project.

Bsj Marburg e.V. / B98



Presentation of "Sports Based Capacity Building" and "Sports and Employability", two international sports-based exchange projects.

RheinFlanke gGmbh/ D 25

GUIDED TOUR IV: Digital approaches towards learning mobility


Horizonte organises trips for young people based around intercultural learning.

Horizonte gemeinnützige Schul- und Gruppenfahrten / C 93



Kolping Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste presents its activities in the field of work camps and volunteering projects.

Kolpingwerk Deutschland gGmbH, Kolping Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste / C 101


Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge

Volksbund, a humanitarian organisation that cares for the graves of German war casualties abroad, presents its educational activities which range from international youth exchanges and workcamps to youth projects in war cemeteries and at memorial sites.

Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e. V. / C 82


Mobilitätskonto Sachsen-Anhalt

The "mobility account" is a new initiative for all young people in the state of Saxony-Anhalt who want to experience cross-border learning.

GOEUROPE! Sachsen-Anhalt/ D 45


Wednesday, 29 March,  11.30 am to 1.30 pm

GUIDED TOUR V: Innovative approaches in child and youth welfare

Flechtwerk 2+1
Introduction to the initiative "Mein Papa kommt" (Daddy's coming), which helps parents who do not live together find free accomodation with hosts in Germany and now also across Europe.

Flechtwerk 2+1 gGmbH/A 41


Coaching and supervision in the youth field

Young people are encouraged to learn more about coaching and supervision.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Supervision und Coaching e.V. / F 89


Waldorf Education

Waldorf Education, a global initiative

Bundesverband anthroposophisches Sozialwesen e.V. / B 24

GUIDED TOUR VI: Solidarity

German Red Cross
The youth chapter of the German Red Cross (North Rhine-Westphalia) presents its wide range of activities.

DRK - Landesverband Nordrhein e.V.  Jugendrotkreuz / B 44



Innatura is an online exchange for as-good-as-new items donated by businesses to charitable organisations.

innatura gGmbH / F 42


Wednesday, 29 March,  2.30 to 3.30 pm

GUIDED TOUR VII: Social inclusion and young refugees

Familienferiendorf Hübingen

Introduction to an integrative project for young refugees involving traditional crafts and trades.

Familienferiendorf Hübingen e.V. / K 122


Young Refugee Center Munich

Introduction to the system of (primary) assistance for unaccompanied minor refugees. Particular emphasis is given to the activities of the Young Refugee Center in Munich and the modular clearing system for young refugees.

DIAKONIE - Jugendhilfe Oberbayern / F 17

GUIDED TOUR VIII: Lobbying for young people

Youth-friendly communities

Presentation of a sub-project of Germany’s new youth strategy: “Youth-friendly” communities – What does that mean in a local context? What is being done on the ground?

Youth strategy coordination office / C 17


The European dimension of the work of the Child and Youth Welfare Association (AGJ)

The Child and Youth Welfare Association (AGJ) is the organisation behind DJHT. This tour is an introduction to the work and activities of AGJ, especially at the European level.

Child and Youth Welfare Association (AGJ) / D 17


Wednesday, 29 March,  4 to 5 pm

GUIDED TOUR IX: Cultural education

Bundesvereinigung Kulturelle Kinder-und Jugendbildung

The German Federation for Cultural Youth Education presents its national and international work in the field of arts education and non formal cultural learning.

German Federation for Cultural Youth Education (BKJ)/ E 81


Arbeit am Tonfeld

Introduction to the sensomotory method “Arbeit am Tonfeld”.

Arbeit am Tonfeld / A 09


GUIDED TOUR X: Child and youth participation

Online counselling by young people for young people

Juuport is an online counselling service where young people offer assistance to their peers in regard to internet-related problems.

Juuuport e.V. / B 106


Child protection

Introduction to Germany’s national child protection guidelines which allows children to have a say in the protection process.

University children’s hospital, Bonn / E 82



Wednesday, 29 March,  5.30 to 6.30 pm

GUIDED TOUR XI: Learning, mobility and social inclusion

Internationaler Bund

The IB presents its national and international activities in the field of youth social work and social inclusion.

Internationaler Bund / B 26


Freie Turnerschaft Adler

Introduction to the Adlerhorst camp site, which provides accommodation for international youth exchanges.

Freie Turnerschaft Adler v.1893 e.V. / C74


GUIDED TOUR XII: Youth participation and Youth associations

Verband der evangelischen Studierendengemeinden

An introduction to the work of the association of protestant student communities, with particular regard given to its international activities.

Verband der Evangelischen Studierendengemeinden in Deutschland/ B42


YMCA Germany

An introduction to the wide range of activities of YMCA Germany.

YMCA Germany / E 87